We’re Here to Take the Overwhelm Out of Wealth Protection

The right financial partner will ensure your wealth is not only protected but continues to grow year over year

It’s Time to Address the Threats to Your Wealth

As a physician, you’re subject to potentially high tax brackets and high-pressure situations. With everything on your plate, it’s difficult to strategically manage your wealth.

Between insurance, patients, and legal requirements, it’s easy to wonder how you will both meet your life goals and avoid costly financial mistakes. Instead of fly-by-night gurus who hand you unsolicited advice or empty promises to save you millions overnight, you need a trusted partner committed to learning about your specific needs and goals.

Copy and paste solutions meant for those outside the medical field won’t cut it – because they’re not made for you.

That’s what we’re here to help you with. With 80+ years of combined experience serving physicians across the country, you’ll get the research-backed advice you need to navigate taxes, lawsuits, and any unexpected financial speed bumps.

It’s time to strategically manage your wealth, so you can rest easy knowing your future is secure.

Meet Rao*

I came to America in 1963 with seven dollars in my pocket and the American dream in my heart. After becoming an engineer, I met my wife, Radha, an aspiring anesthesiologist. Together, we worked hard and learned a handful of tough financial lessons when it came to building our wealth.

We quickly understood that “the more you make, the bigger the share they take.” And unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with taxes.

Today, there are numerous things putting your finances at risk – lawsuits, divorces, illness, or the unpredictable curveballs life throws your way. So, what can you do? Remain proactive. Only then can you protect your wealth and rest easy knowing your hard work is secure.

Think of it like this: The main difference between a young physician just out of residency and a doctor in their 50s and 60s isn’t simply their age – one is full of knowledge, the other is full of wisdom.

Having worked with nine physicians in my family alone and hundreds of physicians across the country, I’ve had an inside look into their personal and professional lives. Full of both success and failure, I’ve seen what went right and what can go wrong. Sometimes, the bad things were something they couldn’t control – but other times, they had the power to prevent them.

Alongside Todd, I’m here to help you put your future at the forefront of your financial goals. Because it’s time you feel confident in your assets and their potential.

*After 50+ years, Rao has transitioned from being a licensed advisor to an advising consultant here at Asset Protection for Physicians.

-Rao Garuda

Meet Todd

At my core, I believe in the value of service. That belief is why I served over twenty-five years in the U.S. Army, both active duty and reserves. It’s also how I earned the privilege of helping physicians as their financial and problem-solver.

I’ve been married to my wife Diana for thirty-seven years, have four grown children, and five grandbabies. And as I’ve continued to build wealth, it’s become more important for me to protect my finances to set both myself and my family up for success.

It’s why I work with physicians to help them do the same.

In the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with medical professionals over the years, they’ve offered me a front-row seat to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. And as we discussed one’s financial plans, the topic almost always comes around to how they can protect their hard-earned wealth from high tax rates, so they can feel confident in their finances and leave behind a tax-free legacy.

When we tell clients, “We can turn your 100% taxable IRA into a 100% tax-free Roth IRA. Do you want us to do this for you?” the answer is always yes. And that’s what we’re here to help do.

Whether it’s taxes, investments, lawsuits, or a bad marriage, we have 80+ years of experience helping physicians strategically navigate their finances, allowing them to build wealth and have peace of mind for their future.

-Todd Allen

Meet the Todd Allen Team

Todd Allen

Todd Allen


Rao Garuda

Rao Garuda

Advising Consultant

AnnMarie Mott

AnnMarie Mott

Marketing & Communications Manager

Donna Gerkens

Donna Gerkens

Executive Assistant

Evan Cox

Evan Cox

Strategy Manager

Megan Giles

Megan Giles

Design Manager

Shelly Tomasch

Shelly Tomasch


Here is Our Commitment to You

We’ll protect your hard work

because you deserve to build an incredible financial legacy.

We’ll customize your options

because you deserve a plan that aligns with your goals and future.

We’ll give you peace of mind

because we understand how important it is to protect your hard-earned wealth.

This Is Just What I Needed

“I’ve been approached probably a hundred times by advisors who are trying to sell me something. This is the first time I’ve had someone address my fears and concerns about protecting my money. It’s just what I need at this point in my life.”

– Internist, Dallas, TX

We’re Glad We Have Specialists

“My husband and I are both physicians and neither of us had a true appreciation of the real risks and threats to our financial independence. We’ve just done what most other doctors have done but, in today’s world, doing what you’ve always done is not enough. We’re very glad we now work with specialists.”

– Emergency Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Here’s the Process


Let’s Talk

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Receive Your Custom Plan

Together, we’ll develop a financial strategy that allows you to meet your goals and set your family up for success too.

Protect Your Wealth

We’ll keep you from losing sleep and make sure your wealth works for you—not against you.

Learn How You Can
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